Eggplant and Marjoram Garganelli

Eggplant and Marjoram Garganelli

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400g of garganelli pasta
500ml of your tomato sauce (or from grocery)
1 big eggplant (diced)
1 garlic clove (smashed)
3 or 4 marjoram stems (chopped)
60ml (4 tbsp) olive oil
Salt and pepper


Heat olive oil in a saute pan.
Cook garlic for one to two minutes, until golden.
Add diced eggplant and let cook for 7-10 minutes.
Pour in tomato sauce and season with salt and pepper.
Cook pasta in salted, boiling water. Drain when al dente.
Whenthe sauce has visually reduced, add the chopped marjoram.
Pour the pasta in the sauce and mix well. If desired, add some grated parmesan and serve.


4 servings.

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