Pizza di Elena

Pizza di Elena

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1 pizza dough (gives 2 pizzas of 45 x33cm) or 4 round pizzas of 14'


Recipe for half of dough

1 cup sliced mushrooms (sautée in pan)

3 Stefano's Italian sausages

3 tbsp of Stefano's olive oil

2 cups of Stefano pizza sauce


50 gr grated parmesan

25 gr of mozzarella

25 gr of Savello


Preheat oven to 425 - 450°F
Cook sliced mushrooms in a pan and set aside
Remove sausage meat from casings, break into small pieces and cook in a pan. Set aside.
Spread the dough on your baking sheet and put the olive oil on the pizza dough
Add the tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Add basil, cooked mushrooms, cooked sausages, mozzarella and Savello cheese
Bake for 20-25 minutes 
* It is important to cook all ingredients before topping to avoid liquid build-up on the surface, creating a wet texture.


4 servings.

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