Green Tomatoes in Oil

Green Tomatoes in Oil

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2 kilos of hard green tomatoes


4 cups white wine vinegar

4 cups of water

2 cloves of garlic*

10 mint leaves

1 tbsp dry oregano

Olive oil

Sunflower oil

3 whole Pepperoncino *

12 x 250ml wide mouth mason jars or 6 x 500ml


Slice the tomatoes 1/8th of an inch 

Layer the tomatoes in a rectangular stainless-steel strainer sitting on baking sheet or a round strainer 4QT sitting i on a bowl to let the excess water drain.

You could do up to 6 layers.

Add salt to each layer of tomatoes to remove the water.

Cover with a cotton plastic cover or saran wrap and let it rest in the fridge for 24hours

After the 24 hours, drain the excess water and place the tomatoes in a bowl, pour the vinegar and the water until the tomatoes are covered.

Cover the bowl, and place in the fridge for another 24 hours.

After 24 hours, put in strainer and pass under cold water. Shake and let stand in drainer for 1 hour.

Place on a dish towel to dry for an hour or more, in the fridge.

Take a clean bowl and add garlic, mint, oregano and pepperoncino.

Mix well with hands or a spoon, add a bit of olive oil and sunflower oil.

Mix again -like a salad.

Take the 250ml jars, which were cleaned in the dishwasher, and sterilize the caps in water for 2-3 minutes.

Fill jars with tomatoes in layers, once filled up to the neck of the jar, pour in half olive oil and sunflower oil, to cover the tomatoes.

Let them rest on the counter opened for 8 hours.

Check after 8 hours, if the oil is covering the tomatoes. If not add more oil. Cover them.

Only open them after a few weeks once the taste is there.

The jars can be stored for one year in a dark, cool and dry place.

Serve and enjoy!

* Pour half cup of wine vinegar with half of cup of water and tsp of salt into a pot. Bring to a boil.  Add the whole garlic and whole pepperoncino and boil for 1 minute. Drain and pat dry on a dishcloth. Slice your garlic and cut pepperoncino in small pieces.

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