Fontina,crecenza and speck cheese cannelloni

Fontina,crecenza and speck cheese cannelloni

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1 ball of pasta dough (Elena’s recipe) to make the cannelloni

400g Fontina in cubes

200g of Stracchino cheese or double cream Brie

24 slices of Speck

4-6 sprigs of thyme

1 cup cream

60g Parmesan cheese

20g butter

Salt and pepper


In a food processor, add Fontina cheese, thyme and pepper.

Mix in the Stracchino cheese (or Brie) to make a soft textured stuffing.

To make the cannelloni; make your pasta, cut into rectangles, boil in water and lay them on a dishcloth.

Place a bit of stuffing on each rectangle always starting from the bottom part and rolling your way up.

Wrap a slice of speck around each cannelloni.

Place cannelloni in a buttered baking dish and pour cream on top of them. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese and add diced butter.

Cook in preheated oven at 375* for 20 minutes until golden brown and serve with thyme.



*Optional: you may also make your own béchamel sauce to replace the cream.


8 servings.

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