Risotto catalogna e mandorle

Risotto catalogna e mandorle


300 gr of carnaroli rice

2 handles of Catalogna or Chard (which will be cut and blanched)

2 liters of hot chicken broth

100 gr of caciocavallo cheese

1 small diced red cipollini onion

40 gr toasted and cut almonds

40 gr of butter



In a 24cm nonstick saucepan Julienne, heat 20g butter, add onion, catalogna and a little broth and rice. Mix well.

Add the broth a little at a time.

Let the rice cook while stirring.

Once cooked, add the caciocavallo cheese and the 20 gr of remaining butter.

When serving, garnish with almonds.



Advice :

It is very important to put a little broth at a time, so do not ' drown ' the rice.

The type of Carnaroli rice is perfect for this recipe.

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