Tips and tricks

  1. Cooking with Clay!

    Cooking with Clay!

    Cooking with clay is an excellent choice when cooking slow cooked meals such as soups, stews, beans, meats and even making "pasta al forno" (oven baked pasta)! It is also a great natural altrnative to nonstick cookware. With Vulcania, you can get all the benefits of cooking with clay plus the added bonus of its beautiful glazed aesthetic. Cook and serve all in one dish! *Vulcania is an Italian product* Here are some succulant recipes to try (…)

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  2. Cleaning your Coffe Pot - the RIGHT way!

    Cleaning your Coffe Pot - the RIGHT way!

    Cleaning your espresso coffee pot is SIMPLE, so simple in fact that we are conditioned to wash it with many (but useless) products such as vinegar, lemon juice and dish soap. Whether you own the classic caffetiera "Moka" (Bialetti) or a fancier stainless steel model like the Kontessa (VEV Vigano), the ONE and ONLY way to clean it is with hot water. That's it! Try these delicious recipes with your coffee in the morning... Citrus Paradiso Bundt (…)

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  3. Quick Sharp Knife Test

    Quick Sharp Knife Test

    Does your knife seem a little dull lately? Here is a super quick test to see if your knife is due for a sharpening – all you need is a tomato! Here are some great sharpeners you can use… Universal Manual Knife Sharpener MINOSHARP Diamond Knife Sharpener CHEF’S CHOICE Diamond Knife Sharpening Stone CHEF’S CHOICE Electric Knife Sharpener #110 CHEF’S CHOICE Hybrid 220 Electric Knife Sharpener CHEF’S CHOICE

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  4. Prepare your Christmas socks!

    Prepare your Christmas socks!

    Elena's favorite tool for slicing garlic. Ideal for Christmas stocking!

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  5. Gift idea: OXO garlic slicer

    Gift idea: OXO garlic slicer

    For Christmas, a good gift idea is the OXO garlic slicer. Go see our really good price on our promotion page.

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  6. Esay meatballs

    Esay meatballs

    Elena rubs hands with olive oil to make the operation easy.

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  7. For a tasty sauce!

    For a tasty sauce!

    Elena's tip Once your sauce has cooled, put it in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours to accentuate its taste!

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