Primavera pasta

Primavera pasta

Suggested material offered in store


 2 garlic cloves finely chopped with mandoline (available from Dante)

300 gr asparagus cut into 2 ' sections.

200 gr blanched green beans 2 minutes in salted water

250 gr cherry tomatoes

200 gr fresh or frozen peas

300 gr gourgane beans with pod (about 12) See tips and advice

Olive oil

2 small hot peppers sliced or 1 tsp. chili flakes


450 gr Rummo short pasta (available from Dante)

To taste: Bocconcini and Parmesan grated


 In a 28cm Granite sauté pan, heat the olive oil over low heat and sauté the garlic.

 Add the sliced hot peppers and sauté, then add the asparagus and add a ladle of pasta water and mix well.

 Add the blanched gourganes (see tips and tricks), then the peas and beans.

 Add tomatoes and mix well, cover and cook 8 minutes until tomatoes burst.

 Adjust the seasoning with salt.

Cook the pasta al dente, put in the sauce and mix well. According to your taste, add bocconcini and parmesan. Finish with a fillet of a good olive oil.


6 servings.

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