Ravioli di burrata con peperoni e zucchine

Ravioli di burrata con peperoni e zucchine


For the pasta dough:


300g semolina flour 

2 eggs

2 yolks 

1 tablespoon of olive oil

40ml of water 

Plus semolina to work 



1 big size burrata

1 tablespoon of fresh thyme 

Salt pepper 


For condiment:

5 tablespoons of olive oil 

50g of butter 

70g diced pancetta 

1 red shallot cut thin julienne 

1 red pepper cut in diced 

1 yellow pepper cut in diced 

2 zucchinis emptied and cut in julienne 

Salt and pepper 


Make a well with the flour. Add the eggs and oil to the well.

Scramble the egg mixture with your finger and slowly add the flour until a ball forms.

If the ball does not form, add water.

Knead the dough for about 5 minutes and then let it rest for 30 minutes.

Mix the ingredients for the stuffing and season to taste.

Roll your dough and make sheets to make ravioli, if you have Imperia machine you stop at 2. If you have an Altas Marcato you stop at 4 or 5. It’s very important to work your pasta well all the time watch video 

Once ravioli made put on a cookie sheet on top of a dish cloth

Put a 28cm julienne casserole with water to boil 

In a 28cm sauteuse julienne add your oil, butter put at high heat.

Then add shallots and stir

Add pancetta, let it color and add your peppers and zucchini stir well put at very low heat, if you need you could put a bit of pasta water 

Salt your water when it boils add your ravioli 20 seconds remove with a strainer and add to your condiment mix well if it’s dry add a bit of pasta water parmesan cheese and serve

 Bon appétit !


4 servings.

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