Sundried tomatoes

Sundried tomatoes

Suggested material offered in store


12 pound of San Marzano or Romanelli tomatoes

Coarse salt


Preheat the oven at 250°F

Cover your 2 oven racks with foil or parchment paper

Wash the tomatoes and remove the stalk with a tomato huller

Halve tomatoes and scoop out the seeds

Put the tomatoes face cut up on the racks leaving 1 "free all around

Sprinkle lightly with coarse salt over the halves and put in the oven.

After 2h00 of "cooking", mop with a paper towel inside the tomatoes to remove the vegetation water.

Set the temperature of your oven as low as possible and let dry 9-12 hours

* Convection oven: close the oven door

* Conventional oven: put a metal spoon so that the door is opened by ½ "

Then remove the tomatoes from the rim and continue the "cooking" until they are dried (rotate)


After having dried them, put them in a vegetable bag like ziplock (with hole)

They will keep for 1 year in the refrigerator

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