Green tomato and apple jam

Green tomato and apple jam

Suggested material offered in store



2x 500ml jars

4x 250ml jars



1 kg green tomatoes (remove peduncle, cut in half and empty the tomato. Dice the tomato halfs.

1 green apple (Remove the core with the Cuisipro apple corer. Dice

1 lemon (juice and zest)

500gr sugar

2 tbsp. Water

4 oz Brandy


Put the diced tomatoes and diced apple in a bowl, add the lemon juice. Mix, cover and put to fridge for 2 hours. Return to mix from time to time.

Put the sugar in a 24cm dutch oven, add the lemon zest and the water. On a low flame, cook the sugar until it as a caramel color.

Add the tomato and apple mixture, mix well with the sugar. Cook for 30 minutes on a low flame, until you get a jam consistence.

During that time, soak your jars upside down in boiling water.

Remove the hot jars from water and pour the jam in it. Let it rest.

Meanwhile cut parchment paper slices the size of your jars openings.

Put the brandy in a little soup bowl and soak your parchment paper slices.

Put the slices on the jars openings and close them with their caps.

Can be stored in the refrigerator.

Eat it with toasts, pork and cheese!

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